CRM Features

As well as specific learner-oriented features, CourseCRM offers you a fully-fledged CRM capability as per SugarCRM Pro or SuiteCRM. These features are bundled with the main CourseCRM product, but if you prefer to keep the interface simple and restricted to purely Learning related features, we can set this up for you.


CourseCRM provides a number of different record types for the storing of contact data. Use of these is optional, but they fully support the running of a sophisticated and effective sales pipeline / lead conversion workflow.

  • targets
  • leads
  • prospects
  • contacts
  • accounts

Additionally, CourseCRM has a comprehensive 'Campaigns' feature. This allows the scheduling of automated email broadcasts, email newsletters, subscribe/unsubscribe from email capability, read/receipt tracking and click-thru tracking. We will connect you to our own high volume email accounts for maximum protection from spam.


CourseCRM also comes with a suite of time management, scheduling and communications tools to keep business running smoothly:

  • calendar (shared and private)
  • calls (tracking, scheduling, notating)
  • meetings (invite attendees to scheduled meetings by email; push to calendar)
  • emails (send emails to Moodle learners via their automated Contact record)
  • tasks
  • notes

Note that you may also install 3rd party modules, for example Mailchimp integrations, etc.


Face to face training providers will especially like this! Create 'Locations' (e.g. a training room) and schedule an Event. Then, invite Participants using an event-specific email template! As participants accept/decline, they will be added to the Event registration page.


CourseCRM also enables a workflow around the quote/invoice process and allows the creation of products and groups of products which may be added to invoices or quotes. Contracts may also be created and sent. It goes without saying that all these items are automatically logged against the appropriate Contact record for an ongoing audit trail of all correspondence / communication with a client.

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