Learner Features

Why Have We Built This Product?

CourseCRM is a complete, self-contained CRM system based on SuiteCRM, a recent fork of the well-known SugarCRM system. It has been designed specifically for the needs of online elearning providers and also helps to coordinate and organise offline face-to-face events for blended learning.

CourseCRM is integrated with popular LMS systems such as Moodle and Totara. Gradebook data, quiz data and learner access data passes back to the CRM automatically and you can query, manipulate and report on that data with ease. If you have an ecommerce store selling access to your courses, we can integrate this too - allowing you to aggregate lead, contact and sales information with learner activity data in the same overall student management interface.

CourseCRM is able to provide extensive reporting and analytical data as well as feature rich learner communications and marketing. Because CourseCRM is built on the SuiteCRM / SugarCRM systems, the extensive catalog of 3rd party extensions is also available to you.

Moodle / Totara LMS Data

CourseCRM gives you control over all your LMS data. Using SuiteCRM’s powerful suite of analysis tools, the following LMS data can be queried, managed and reported on:

  • Course Attendance: Enrolment status, modules attended, access times including Last Access (good for rooting out dropout risks).
  • Gradebook information including quiz and assignment grades, time exam started and finished, number of attempts, grade for each attempt, tutor feedback.
  • Certificates: date issued, course and module name.
  • Courses and course categories from the LMS.
  • All modules found on the LMS.

LMS Courses and Categories

The CRM will automatically copy the Moodle / Totara course categories and display these within the CRM interface. CRM users may browse the Course Categories and drill down into specific Moodle courses to be able to view global, course-based learner attendance records, as well as 'at-a-glance' attendance and grade data.

Course Modules, Course Certificates and Quiz Attempts

Course Modules are any assessed activity that CourseCRM discovers within the Moodle or Totara LMS. This includes Quizzes, Assignments, Assessed Forums and Certificates. CourseCRM pulls the assessment data through and displays the grades, tutor feedback and access summary information in a number of locations.

CourseCRM has an additional module to store all issued Moodle / Totara Certificates generated via the popular Moodle Certificate Plugin.

CourseCRM also tracks individual quiz attempts. So, if a learner takes three attempts on a quiz, the scores they gained and access data become available within the CRM.

Course Attendance

This is the main learner-related CourseCRM module. Depending on how it is accessed, it will display a varying range of data. For example, if accessed via a 'Course' in the CRM, the Course Attendance module will display a summary of learners who have accessed the online course, when, last access, grade data, whether completed or not, etc.

However, if the attendance record is drilled into for a specific learner, then a whole range of additional data becomes available. Also attached to the Attendance Record are any specific Course Modules (assessed activities) and Course Certificates associated with a learner.

Learner Reporting

Since all of an individual learners's LMS access and assessment data is within the CRM, it is possible to build a huge range of graphical or tabular reports for online display or export. We have started the process for you with a range of sample reports, for example:

  • learner non-access report
  • learner last access report
  • learners by location
  • learners on course
  • assessment activities overview

In reality, the list is endless because you have access to a custom report builder and may query/display your data in any way you can imagine.

As well as learner reporting, if you have an integration to an ecommerce utility, you may also view Sales / Order reports.

Moodle / Totara Learner Support Portal

Imagine being able to send an automated email to a new learner, informing them of their Support Portal access details, the moment you create their Moodle account. Now you can!

CourseCRM contains an automated Ticket-based Support portal that allows your customers / learners to post a support request. The support request becomes a 'Case' in the CRM and your responses are immediately sent back to the learner for them to review in their portal control panel. Due to the nature of the Moodle / CRM integration - when a new learner is created in the LMS, the CRM will generate a new CRM Contact record (usually within 15 minutes of the Moodle learner being created). Then, the CRM will run a script to create/update portal accounts - and will send access details to this new Contact record. The result? An instant Learner Support Portal for your LMS!

Ecommerce Module - Integrate a webshop with CourseCRM

CourseCRM passes data on all sales from a store's checkout directly into the CRM. This includes:

  • data associated with the customer
  • data associated with the line item/s being purchased
  • data returned from the payment gateway (but NOT credit card numbers)
  • any custom registration or sale fields your store has been set to capture

CourseCRM adds a new menu to the CRM called 'Learning'. This stores the sales data in new CRM modules:

  • Course Sale
  • Course Sale Item
  • Course Sale Payment
  • Contacts and Accounts are used to store a customer's actual contact details

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